Customers Are Changing How They Find, Buy & Interact with You

Where will your next 100, 1,000 or 100,000 customers come from? Google? Will they use their desktop or laptop computers, or will they use their cell phone to visit your website? Bizresearch has nearly 20 years of helping mid-market companies acquire new customers using the following digital marketing methods:

  • Google AdWords & Bing – paid search advertising is the fastest way to customer acquisition
  • Facebook, Twitter & Instagram – social media advertising, sponsored posts & content creation
  • Email – increase lifetime value, improve conversion rates and customer retention
  • SEO – organic search is the slowest method of customer acquisition, but can be very effective as a long-term investment
  • Remarketing – bring them back to your website to convert for the first and next time
  • Amazon (Prime) – if you sell products, are you selling and advertising on Amazon? Are you a Prime advertiser?
Acquire 100 Customers

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website Development

Bizresearch offers responsive, mobile-friendly website builds and redesigns using WordPress templates, as well as Magento ecommerce site maintenance.  Contact our office if you need a WordPress mobile-friendly website development project fulfilled or assistance with maintaining your Magento ecommerce website.

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