10 Reasons to Convert Your Outdated Joomla Website to Mobile Friendly Responsive WordPress

by Laura Thieme

In the past three months, I’ve worked on two website conversion projects, both of which involved converting an outdated website to a mobile-friendly, responsive WordPress website theme and template.  In the next two days, we will launch a new mobile website for a dance studio, using WordPress. Ten reasons you need to convert your outdated Joomla website to a mobile-friendly responsive WordPress website in 2017:

  1. Joomla makes everyone on your website team complain about anything and everything you want to do as a business owner or manager
  2. Joomla consists of articles, banners, menus, modules and components.  It constantly makes a web marketing person wonder where the content is – is it in the article, menu, module or component? Where do you make the change?
  3. Try to find a PHP developer who wants to work in Joomla – good luck.
  4. Try to find anyone who wants to work in a Joomla website – I’d love to interview them and why they LOVE Joomla.
  5. The number of hours to make a website change in Joomla is double, triple, or quadruple a change in WordPress.
  6. The number of times I’ve heard a programmer tell me “It can’t be done” or “It can’t be done easily” or “I don’t know how to do that in Joomla” outnumber by far the times I’ve heard it can’t be done in a WordPress website.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard that regarding a WordPress website.
  7. WordPress consists of pages, posts, widgets, menu items and plug-ins.  When you need to edit something on a given page, in most cases, the content often exists on the page.  This saves a lot of time and money for all involved.
  8. With the Yoast SEO Plug-in, you can easily optimize every page within that page.  You don’t have to go to another area to optimize a page title, or metatag like you typically have to in Joomla.
  9. You can easily search within WordPress for responsive mobile-friendly themes.  Numerous WordPress themes have fully functional web themes with free templates.
  10. You can easily find online assistance and blogs about every single aspect of launching a mobile WordPress website.  Google the name of the theme and version, and you will find numerous resources on that topic.  In addition, you can find numerous YouTube videos on how to edit or fix a function on a WordPress website.

In summary, you do not need to be a PHP web developer to create and launch a tech-savvy, modern mobile WordPress website.  It takes us on average, two weeks to convert a Joomla website of 50-100 pages to a WordPress site.

Our favorite WordPress hosting environment is GoDaddy.  It provides 24/7 tech support by phone and/or chat.  It is very easy to set up a staging environment, with password protection, for your new website.  You should always be able to see WordPress website development in a secure staging area, which is password protected.

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