April 25, 2016

About Bizresearch

Bizresearch was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1997.  We grew our services from SEO to a full-service digital marketing agency and website development company.

Bizresearch has served mid-market retailers, B2B and lead-gen companies including Pier 1 Imports, TOM’s (SEO & International Pay-Per-Click), Micro Electronics/Microcenter (SEM/PPC & SEO), M/I Homes, Carrington College (subsidiary of DeVry – SEM/PPC & SEO), Burt’s Bees, Levenger, Collin Street Bakery, law firms including The Inner Circle of Advocates and numerous small business retailers & companies.

Bizresearch’s Laura Thieme, President, spoke at over 60 conferences on how to measure a campaign’s effectiveness, how to optimize dynamic, database driven websites (SEO), and how to conduct a paid search campaign performance audit and improve KPIs.

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