April 25, 2016

SEO Services

Bizresearch has been providing SEO services since 1997.  We’ve performed SEO optimization for major retail brands including Pier 1 Imports, TOM’s Shoes, SpaFinder Magazine, Burt’s Bees, Levenger, Collin Street Bakery, MicroElectronics (MicroCenter.com), M/I Homes, Bozzuto, Bozzuto Homes, and hundreds of small businesses.  We created SEO packages to make it easy to determine pricing. There are no hidden fees.

SEO Services Checklist:

  • Determine target keywords
  • Benchmark current rankings
  • Keyword discovery of new terms
  • analyze top-performing keywords
  • Utilize AdWords data for accuracy and trends
  • Update SEO report to include top keywords
  • Synch Google Search Console data (webmasters.google.com)
  • Look for any alerts including crawl issues, search queries, and other notifications
  • Pull metatags into Google Docs
  • Post & note implementation date
  • Monitor rankings every two weeks
  • Determine next steps (content marketing, social, content development, YouTube)
  • Administrative access / WordPress or Magento websites enable faster results due to ease of access & work environment is pro-SEO

SEO Tactics That Don’t Work

  • We don’t submit sites to search engines, they will crawl on their own
  • You can submit a sitemap, or ask Google to revisit a particular page that they found an error on, or to disavow an incoming link from a bad site, but nothing more manual than that
  • We don’t buy links in general, and discourage link buying services unless you review all of those paid links in Google Search Console, and the vendor gives you a list of all links, and enables you easily to remove a particular link or set of links.
  • We develop an SEO strategy that make search engines want to crawl your site on its own
  • Social media helps you to get your content crawled faster
  • Content depth/breadth is good
  • Not integrating your SEO strategy with your SEM/PPC/Pay-Per-Click/Paid Search & Paid Social
  • Lack of transparency
  • Insufficient budget
  • A little bit of work doesn’t go a long way on competitive keywords.

SEO Optimization Considerations:

  • benchmark organic visibility for 10 keyword phrases
  • historical issues – have there have been any reported, or known blacklistings, hacks, or any time in the past where the site has been penalized by Google or Bing
  • We can run an expanded SEO report for up to 300 keywords after we discuss additional keywords
  • SEO is a long-term investment.  You will see some immediate results (within 1-2 months), but after those results are achieved, we will need to determine additional steps including content & social media marketing.
  • A good question to consider while we’re working on your SEO is the following, “Why do you deserve to be in Google’s Top 3 organic results?” What type of content do you need to create to be in the top three?
  • Metatags, H1, H2 and minor content edits is our initial focus.
  • After implementation, you might see results improve within the first week or two.  Our goal is to see 1-2 page improvements within 2-3 months of bi-weekly monitoring.
  • It’s getting into the top 3 organic that takes far more work, and yes, more investment.
  • Your budget and commitment to creating great content will ultimately drive whether or not we can earn Google’s Top 3 Organic ranking.  We will guide you, help you to create a winning strategy, and work with most budgets starting at $2,500.

We look forward to working with you.

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