100 New Customer Acquisitions in 30 Days

Acquire 100 New Customers or Leads in 30 Days

Acquire 100 New Customers in 30 Days

Let’s get started with what you can reasonably achieve within the first 30 days using all available forms of digital marketing for customer acquisition.

  • Google & Bing Paid Search Ads – Show up in 8 minutes, adjust campaigns quickly based on every 100 clicks of data.  Includes video, text, search, shopping, display, retargeting.
  • Facebook & Instagram Paid Social– Show up within 1 minute (you must boost for at least $5)
  • Amazon Ads – if you’re a retailer, you need to be on Amazon.  Keyword search volume typically outweighs Google searches or Bing.  It takes less than an hour to show up in Amazon search.
  • SEO – if budget permits, we can do the keyword research and optimize/update your website with relevant metatags, content & work on a content marketing strategy for long-term (learn what your domain authority is).  SEO takes a long time, sometimes months to see results, so it should be part of your overall customer acquisition strategy, but it should not be the first and only marketing method.

Budget Requirements

  • Google, Bing & Amazon AdsMinimum spend: $1,000/month per channel
    How much are you willing to spend once you figure out the keyword phrases that send the greatest number of consistent leads at the lowest cost per conversion.  What is one new customer worth? Are you willing to spend $50 per new customer generated or more? This is hard for some companies in the beginning, but for others, they are willing to spend in order to generate new leads or customers.  One major factor for Google AdWords monthly budget is how much your keywords cost, and how many keywords you have.  Your geographic territory is another thing that affects your advertising budget.  Be willing to spend a minimum of $500 but the more you spend, provided your conversion rates are above 2%, you can drive more leads if budget is available.

    • Example 1: Spent $12k, 183 leads, conversion rate 2.45%, cost per lead $65
    • Example 2: Spent $1,500, 360 ecommerce orders, 1% CVR, $4 cost per conversion
  • Facebook: – Minimum spend: $500/month Posting to your business page doesn’t cost anything out of pocket, unless you have someone do posts for you.  A boosted post costs as little as $5 for one day, or $25 for 3-days to your followers & their friends, or a small geographic region.  A Facebook ad would cost at least $50 recommended for 7-days.  Boosted posts are the cheapest way to acquire new customers, unless there is a reason you are not converting well. See below.
  • Email SignupsMinimum hours: 20 or $2,000
    This can be part of your new customer acquisition strategy.  Have a signup on your website that captures an email.  Offer some type of incentive.  Some retailers offer 5-10% off for first-time customers.  This captures the email and then you can offer educational content mixed with promotional content depending on your audience.
  • SEO – Minimum hours: 20 or $2,000
    You can see new customer acquisitions from SEO, but if you do not have any organic visibility in the Google search results, it’s unlikely that you will see this method work within 30 days.  That said, if you have long-tail keyword phrases, or highly local keywords, you will probably be able to improve visibility for some keywords that might get to bottom of the first page.

Considerations When New Customer Acquisitions Fail

  • Are you getting traffic for your keywords? How long are they staying on your website? 2 minutes or more?
  • What is the customer buying cycle length?
  • Are you still relevant to what your customers need?
  • Is there a mobile-friendly, responsive issue?
  • Is there a problem with the landing page on a cell phone?
  • What is your shopping cart process like?
  • Have you tested your lead form?
  • Have you tested your entire process from search to lead acquisition?
  • Is there something your competition offers that you don’t?
  • What is your persuasive architecture like? What are you doing to convince customers to do business with you?

Despite all of these above, some sites continue to surprise.  Some companies generate leads and new ecommerce orders despite not using industry best practices.  But all of the above methods typically work, and when they don’t, you typically want to analyze what’s working, what’s not and do more of what is consistently sending new leads or new customers in volume at an acceptable cost of acquisition.

How Much Do Customer Reviews Matter?

  • This is crucial.  You need ten or more 4-5 star reviews in Yelp, Google & Facebook for us to tell your story, and help you acquire 100+ new customers in 30 days.
  • Depending on your budget, we can work with you to create a customer review incentive.  Most vendors request reviews, it just takes time for people to fill them out.  Usually, people don’t fill them out unless they are extremely upset, or you talk to them & provide some incentive for them to take 5-minutes to write a nice review.  Some people will just rate you.  This is why it’s so easy on Facebook to get reviews, because it’s a one click process and you don’t have to write an actual review.

What if I have Bad Customer Reviews?

What percentage of your reviews are 1-star? No one is happy all the time, so most customers don’t expect you to be perfect or have 100% 5-star reviews.  In fact, if you have 5-star reviews, some people might question the validity until they read your reviews and see the number of reviews, how long ago they were written, if it was a verified purchaser, etc.  But most of your reviews should be 4-stars or more.  If you have 1-3 star reviews, you need to work on why your customers aren’t happy and are writing about you on Yelp, Google or Facebook.  Also, check Twitter searches on your name/brand.  Make sure people aren’t tagging you with unhappy remarks.  Or hashtagging #yourname with negative remarks.  All of these things can keep you from getting new customers. But if you have 4-star reviews or better, it’s much easier to market and tell your story.

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