Get Mobile & Improve Conversion Rates & Revenue

Get Mobile Friendly Responsive Web Design & Increase Conversion Rates

6 Steps to Improve New Customer Acquisition & Conversion Rates

  1. Review your recent Google Analytics data by device category (behavior/mobile/overview)
  2. Update your current website to a mobile-friendly, responsive web design in 2017
  3. Make sure your Google Ads are going to responsive landing pages.  Google has been notifying our advertising clients if we are sending traffic to non-responsive, non-mobile friendly pages.  If you aren’t yet in Google AdWords, this is one of the fastest ways to acquire new customers or leads.  We can set up a basic account and AdWords campaign as part of our small business package.
  4. When is the last time you updated your Facebook Business Page? Have you been doing boosted posts, or ads? Are you sending traffic to responsive landing pages and tracking with URLs and pixels?
  5. Measure your Google Analytics audience / behavior / mobile / overview by device category data.  Look for other opportunities to improve checkout process if retail/ecommerce, or the overall website persuasion architecture for mobile users.
  6. Invest in SEO – this is long-term but generate educational content, additional pages on your site, and ensure a strong content marketing strategy.  This is lifelong, not just a one-time shot.  We will update your metadata, page headings, conduct keyword research, and look at your historical performance keyword data, if available.
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