How to Increase PPC Conversion Rates (CVR) & Lower Cost Per Conversion (Cost/Conv)

Improve Performance - Increase Conversions & Lower Cost Per Conversion with Pay Per Click

Want to improve your Pay Per Click (PPC) Performance? In the past 10 years, our paid search audits have revealed common account management mistakes that prevent acceptable conversions, conversion rates, and cost per conversion (cost/conv). It’s easier to identify mistakes when you are on the outside, much like watching a pitcher in a softball game.  Sometimes the ball is too high, too low, or on the outside or inside.  But it’s always easier to see this, when you’re not in the game, when you’re watching from the sidelines or after the game, looking at the photos or video.  That’s the role of a paid search auditor. Catch common mistakes utilizing historical data and current structure, fix the mistakes, rebuild the campaigns and/or account, and change the way it’s managed going forward.

5 Common Adwords Mistakes You Can Correct:

  1. Too many keywords in one campaign – less than 20 is best
  2. Too many ad groups in one campaign – 3-4 ad groups per campaign is best
  3. Insufficient daily campaign budget – proper budget can be determined during an audit
  4. Insufficient max cost-per-click bid to ensure top 2 positions (1st position for the mobile user)
  5. Wrong keyword match type combinations (there are five match types, use them wisely)

Two Bonus Methods to Improve Conversion Rates & Lower Cost Per Conversion

  1. Audit your actual search query data for negative keyword opps & new keyword ideas
  2. Are negatives added to the shared library and applied to the correct campaigns?

Increase AdWords Proficiency

Increase Performance & Proficiency Through Deep Dive Analytics

  1. Ensure you have a certified, experienced paid search auditor who loves data and knows how to execute changes that affect conversions, conversion rates and lower cost per conversion.
  2. Examine paid search historical data for greatest successes and greatest failures.
  3. Be willing to spend the time (20-40 hours) to significantly move the needle.  Some accounts require a full-time analyst.
  4. Ensure data integrity, test your conversion data from ad click to conversion.
  5. Look at your Adwords change history, by campaign or ad group.
  6. Look at mobile device conversion KPIs in Google Analytics – How does it compare, trend to laptop conversion KPIs?

Improve Your AdWords Proficiency By Hiring Seasoned Search Marketers

  1. Does the paid search account manager have more than 5 years of AdWords management experience?
  2. Does the account manager actually do the work or hand off to a junior level search marketer/advertiser
  3. Is the person handling the work AdWords certified?
  4. Can they show documented improvements on other accounts where they increased conversions, conversion rate and lowered cost per conversion?
  5. Have they managed similar accounts, that are true lead-gen or ecommerce?

Is Something Else Hurting Your Conversion Rate?

There may be other reasons your paid search campaigns are no longer performing. Perhaps it’s your business model, product, service, reviews, pricing, business management, inventory, or something beyond your paid search account manager’s personal control to fix.  But you can work through these issues as well, as long as you’re willing to partner with a company and leader who genuinely cares about helping you to improve your online business.

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