Should You ReDesign Your Site with a WordPress Website?

We’ve designed websites with WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla.  If it’s a non-ecommerce website, I would absolutely recommend WordPress over Joomla or Drupal.  I would also recommend WooCommerce’s Canvas over one of the free website templates that WordPress provides.  Here’s why:

  • WooCommerce has a user conference and hosts meetups – more likely to produce industry-standard templates
  • WooCommerce was recommended by a long-time colleague of mine, Shari Thurow, founder of Omni Marketing Interactive, a website architect, usability & SEO expert, public speaker at the SMX conferences, author  of two books, and someone I trust 100% when it comes to WordPress template recommendations.
  • WooCommerce Canvas – I tried their bundle, but I ended up going back to Canvas for the Bizresearch website, after I tried some of their other templates.   I am glad Shari told me about Canvas.  Easy editing abilities.  The only thing their template doesn’t include without an additional plug-in? A contact form.

I recently redesigned a website using Joomla.  Our sister website,, is created in Joomla.  There are numerous modules, plug-ins, extensions, articles, categories and various requirements that force me to hire a PHP programmer.  I like avoiding that extra cost and using programmers only when we need to create something complex, fantastic and can easily offset that cost with COGS or COSS (cost of goods/services sold).  That site is not yet mobile-friendly but will be in early 2017.

One of the first plug-ins you should download with the WordPress website is the YOAST SEO plug-in.  Also a search marketing colleague with a good reputation in the industry, YOAST makes SEO a lot easier and scores each page you write.  You want a green score to know that you’re doing SEO the right way, for each article although some pages will be harder than others to achieve that depending on your FOCUS keyword.

One of the things I really like about the Canvas WordPress theme are their shortcodes.  They make contact form buttons so EASY.  Stylesheets can control all of your buttons throughout the website so they look the same and present a consistent call-to-action (CTA).  Below is a button shortcode, which took about 1 minute to create and publish.  If you need help with redesigning your website and are wondering if you should choose WordPress or not, what template or theme you need, and want to get your site optimized for customer acquisition or lead generation, please click the button below.

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