Responsive Design for Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile users are bypassing desktop users

You’ve likely read the above headline in recent weeks, noticed similar stats in Google Analytics pointing towards mobile users, and have begun to make some notes about a responsive design & mobile-friendly website update. Check your website to make sure it’s mobile friendly, to which you might learn it’s not responsive to mobile phones or smartphones.  Now what? 

Responsive Design Summer 2016 Website Project Checklist(s)

We’ve listed some considerations and created a more detailed task list below.  A responsive website update is a perfect project to attack over the summer.  Get ahead of your competition.

Hire responsive (mobile-friendly) website vendor

Responsive Website Checklist

Just in case you want to know anything else that might come up in your checklist, here are some that we encountered in our recent WordPress responsive website projects.

Checklist expanded

Talk to Bizresearch

We hope these checklists will help.  We’re creating a PDF you can download in the next few days, but in the meantime, checkout what we charge for a responsive WordPress website update, most projects begin at $3,500 but with SEO, Analytics and image related tasks, budgeting $5k is a good starting point.

Keep in mind some websites will not require a major update, it will be easy and just a few hours of work.  But for many, a responsive design & mobile-friendly website will be a much bigger project and not a task to hand off to your summer intern.  She/he can help, but a manager will need to be involved to ensure SEO/SEM/Social/Analytics & visibility, traffic and sales are positively affected in the best way possible.


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