Small Business Website vs Facebook Business Page

Should you have a small business website or a Facebook business page instead? We believe you should have both, and here’s why:Wordpress Website Design

  1. Small business websites allow anyone to view your content without being forced to login with an email/username and password.
  2. Not every client wants to find you on Facebook, or will be able to find you easily on Facebook.  Their search tools a
    re not the best.
  3. Small business websites allow you to to work on SEO and advertise by keyword.  In our experience, a website gets more traffic from keyword research, with people who have intent to research then buy.

Do I also need a Facebook Business Page?

Columbus Ohio Landscape Design - Facebook Business Page
Yes, definitely.  You need a business page, not a personal page, or group if it’s a commercial business.

  • It doesn’t take long to create a brand new Facebook business page.  You simply need a Facebook header image, profile photo, business name, address, phone number and preferably 5 ideas for content posts with images, if possible.

Should you advertise on Facebook?

  • Start small with boosting your posts for as little as $15.
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