Responsive Web Design


Responsive Web Design Orange County CA

Need a responsive web design? Bizresearch can convert your existing website to a responsive WordPress website, which is mobile-friendly.  Your site’s organic visibility and online conversion rate depend on it.

We will work with you on developing a website strategy, storyboarding, navigation, content, and a digital marketing strategy and choosing a responsive template, customizing it for your needs and revenue goals.   We can work with most budgets starting at $7,500 – $12,500, the latter which includes updating SEO and Google Analytics.  View our website design packages and/or call our office.

Responsive Web Design Process

Once a responsive template is chosen, and customizations are determined, your project begins by copying your existing website, and putting into a staging area on another server.

  • Review responsive templates
  • Copy/paste current website into new responsive template
  • Edit and improve structure
  • Determine navigational components, all of which will be mobile friendly
  • Re-work tables (3 column max)
  • Some images may need to re-worked, resized or new photos may be required
  • We limit the number of WordPress plug-ins for a more secure environment
  • Secure a Wordpress hosting package at one of the top 10 ISPs/website hosting companies, as rated by CNet and other reputable organizations
  • Review new website, make changes and/or add content as necessary for launch
  • Launch website, handling all 301 redirects needed, and update Google Analytics, Webmaster/Search Console, Tag Manager and anything else as needed.

Can we have a fancier customized design?

We can do anything you want, pending budget approval.  If you can add graphic design hours, then we will put a few designers in front of you who can partner on the project.  The example above is the result of a client-hired photographer, designer & developer to create the initial look, site outline, home page template.  They needed a project manager and thus, hired Bizresearch to manage the launch strategy, oversee final page creation in Joomla, set up a dev/staging server environment, and ensure the site launched before Christmas.  We brought in two additional resources, an experienced PHP programmer and a Joomla developer.  We launched the site on the Thursday before Christmas (Sunday) and are now focused on marketing the site for new customer acquisition through Facebook advertising, Google AdWords and SEO services.

Why WordPress?

We choose WordPress because many so many of our clients had already switched over to WordPress, and we were asked to do their SEO.  It’s very easy for anyone to be trained in-house on WordPress.  We will teach you everything you need to know to maintain the site in-house, but we can also be available to you as needed for all things WordPress, including updates, plug-ins and continued optimization and maintenance.  However, the site shown above is in Joomla.  It’s not our favorite CMS, but it’s something we can work with, if needed or requested by the client.