April 25, 2016

Website Development Case Study

Need website development or a website redesign?

Client Testimonial:

Our small business website was in need of a responsive, mobile-friendly update. It was difficult to track leads & install relevant updates. The new responsive WordPress website project was relatively simple to manage. It took less than three weeks and was not cost-prohibitive. Laura traveled to one of our L.A. seminars & took some photos, which were converted into an image slide on the website within one day. We have updated photos that we own. People can easily view our seminar calendar from any page & register online. SEO and paid search continue to drive traffic and leads. I’m really pleased with the updated website, and am glad we are now mobile-friendly. Umberto Catignani, President Orbital Plastics

Before & After Website Redesign; Before Client’s Seminar Photo Shoot

Before: Non-responsive; After: Responsive

Before site was non-responsive, hard to read; after upgrade to WordPress website is responsive and easier to read

After Client’s Seminar Photo Shoot in May 2016

After Photo Shoot at Seminar

If your company is looking for website development and is considering a switch to WordPress, or needing a mobile-friendly website, Bizresearch can help.  We offer mid-market and small business companies a U.S. based and serviced website redesign service.  Many companies are shifting their small biz website templates to WordPress in order to become mobile-friendly (responsive), but they need a professional company to provide a website development service at a flat-rate fair price.

Old website (before WordPress):

  • 1&1 MyWebsite template was inexpensive but out-dated, non-responsive/non mobile-friendly
  • When pages were added to an already top-heavy cluttered navigation, it made the site harder to navigate
  • Unable to track conversions or leads in Google AdWords or Analytics

New website (after WordPress upgrade):

  • Upgraded/converted to WordPress responsive website
  • Created drop-down menu
  • Added Eventbrite seminar calendar widget

WordPress website update also included:

  • Remained with 1&1 but changed to WordPress hosting package
  • Created WordPress website using responsive Canvas WooTheme in staging area
  • Email transferred to new package; when moving website to WordPress hosting, it was necessary to set up emails again
  • 95% of URLs maintained to preserve 1st page SEO organic rankings
  • A couple of links had to be updated for AdWords, otherwise, all other links remained the same
  • Process took two weeks for redesign and launch
  • Logo may need to be updated as result of new responsive layout
  • Determined need for additional photos of seminars & consulting, possibly injection molding machine.  Photo shoot scheduled in mid-May, 2016 (see second image above).
  • Traveled to client’s seminar site in L.A. & took photos
  • Created images for client’s review
  • Created & added slider to home page with training photos
  • Updated training pages with slider
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