April 25, 2016

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is one of the fastest ways to increase customer acquisitions, repeat e-commerce transactions and improve customer engagement.

  • Facebook strategy
  • Facebook business page creation
  • Daily posts
  • Scheduled posts
  • Image creation or editing
  • Page like audience growth
  • Post engagement & responses

Facebook Advertising Creative Examples

Hip-Hop Classes Ad on Facebook

Jazz Dance Class Ad on Facebook

Example of Facebook Advertising Creative & Email Marketing

Example of Facebook Advertising Creative

Facebook Advertising

  • Ads Manager (traditional Facebook ad).
  • Facebook boosted posts (regular post, but ability to boost for as little as $5/day). ¬†You can also schedule these in advance to make it easier to review/approve if needed and manage your costs.
  • Facebook dark posts (posts that aren’t seen by everyone, but boosted to a particular audience).

How much does it cost?

  • You can set nearly any budget for Facebook ads & boosted posts.
  • Recommended starting budget: $500/month to Facebook directly (credit card required).
  • Boosted posts can be done for as little as $10/day/post.
  • Grow budget depending on sales.

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

  • Pricing starts at $2,500/month
    • Includes 2 posts per day, one product & one educational push
  • The greater the audience, the more engagement required, the more image production & editing, the higher the price will be just because there is more time involved
  • Photography (examples of dance studio above show photography by their studio photographer)

Questions to consider when hiring:

  • If you decided to in-house, could you hire a social media marketer for $12,000/year?
  • Is your paid search/SEO/designer good at customer engagement?
  • Are they responsive?
  • Do they track everything?
  • Do they offer reporting beyond Facebook?
  • How will you prove return on spend?
  • How often do they engage with you? Do you have weekly phone calls (depending on budget)?
  • Track conversions & engagements for the first three months to determine initial campaign and what needs to change beyond that
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