June 2, 2016

Marketing Consulting Services

Our minimum marketing consulting project is 20 hours @ $150/hour (50% up front required).  Each person working on your project is Google certified, and is a Google Partner.  If you prepay, you can save $25/hour @ $125/hour (Paypal account or credit card).  If we do not utilize all hours, we will refund those hours once the project is concluded.  If we determine additional projects are out of scope from the original project & statement of work, we will propose additional hours and send an additional invoice.

Each consulting project is determined by number of hours based on initial phone consultation and data pull.

  • New customer acquisition
    • Determine strategy & goals for new customer acquisition
  • Year over year (YOY) revenue analysis
    • Audit historical data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Webmaster/Search Console, Amazon and any other available source to determine what’s changed, and what needs to improve
  •  Adwords
    • auditing, walking through the data, updating bids, ads, search query review, ad extensions
  • Bing
    • Shouldn’t you rethink your Bing strategy? Relaunch. Optimize.
  • Remarketing
    • remarketing/retarget to increase conversion rates through Google and Adroll (Facebook)
  • Google Merchant Center
    • setting up shopping feeds, optimizing feed, reviewing campaign setup in AdWords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • SEO
    • re-doing or updating metatags with hourly services ordered above

Social Media Marketing & Paid Social Media

  • Facebook Advertising & Customer Engagement
    • content posts, customer engagement, ads & boosted posts
  • Twitter
    • posts, engagement
  • Social marketing / content marketing strategy
    • audit existing and determine new strategy for enhanced customer acquisition and retention

Email Marketing Services

  • Email marketing via Constant Contact or Mailchimp
  • How often are you engaging with your contacts and previous customers?

Google Analytics & Conversion Rate Analysis

  • Analytics
    • any issue related to Google Analytics
    • Setting up goals
    • Trend analysis
    • conversion rate analysis, especially year over year trends
  • Customer acquisition, sales challenges
    • Assist with increasing sales at once / on-going

WordPress Website Builds, Maintenance or Updates