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Bizresearch has been providing SEO services since 1997, before hardly anyone knew what search engine optimization was.  We’ve performed SEO optimization for major retail brands including Pier 1 Imports, TOM’s,, Levenger, Collin Street Bakery, MicroElectronics (, M/I Homes, Bozzuto, Bozzuto Homes, and hundreds of small businesses.  We created SEO packages to make it easy to determine pricing. There are no hidden fees.

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Why an SEO package? How could we possibly put together a flat rate price? It’s simple. When you do something for nearly 20 years, for companies of all sizes, you realize the scope, the process, and the outcome are the same. There are anomalies, but the RFP and proposal process is what increases costs for both sides, therefore we chose to flat-rate our pricing years ago.

SEO Services Checklist:

  • Determine target keywords
  • Benchmark current rankings
  • Keyword discovery of new terms
  • analyze top-performing keywords
  • Utilize AdWords data for accuracy and trends
  • Update SEO report to include top keywords
  • Synch Google Search Console data (
  • Look for any alerts including crawl issues, search queries, and other notifications
  • Pull metatags into Google Docs
  • Post & note implementation date
  • Monitor rankings in Bizwatch every two weeks
  • Determine next steps (content marketing, social, content development, YouTube)
  • Administrative access / WordPress or Magento websites enable faster results due to ease of access & work environment is pro-SEO

SEO Tactics That Don’t Work

  • We don’t submit sites to search engines, they will crawl on their own
  • You can submit a sitemap, or ask Google to revisit a particular page that they found an error on, or to disavow an incoming link from a bad site, but nothing more manual than that
  • We don’t buy links in general, and discourage link buying services unless you review all of those paid links in Google Search Console, and the vendor gives you a list of all links, and enables you easily to remove a particular link or set of links.
  • We develop an SEO strategy that make search engines want to crawl your site on its own
  • Social media helps you to get your content crawled faster
  • Content depth/breadth is good
  • Not integrating your SEO strategy with your SEM/PPC/Pay-Per-Click/Paid Search & Paid Social
  • Lack of transparency
  • Insufficient budget
  • A little bit of work doesn’t go a long way on competitive keywords.

SEO Optimization Considerations:

  • benchmark organic visibility for 10 keyword phrases (free Bizwatch SEO Audit)
  • historical issues – have there have been any reported, or known blacklistings, hacks, or any time in the past where the site has been penalized by Google or Bing
  • We can run an expanded SEO report in Bizwatch for up to 300 keywords (subscribe online after you get your first report for free) after we discuss additional keywords
  • SEO is a long-term investment.  You will see some immediate results (within 1-2 months), but after those results are achieved, we will need to determine additional steps including content & social media marketing.
  • A good question to consider while we’re working on your SEO is the following, “Why do you deserve to be in Google’s Top 3 organic results?” What type of content do you need to create to be in the top three?
  • Metatags, H1, H2 and minor content edits is our initial focus.
  • After implementation, you might see results improve within the first week or two.  Our goal is to see 1-2 page improvements within 2-3 months of bi-weekly monitoring.
  • It’s getting into the top 3 organic that takes far more work, and yes, more investment.
  • Your budget and commitment to creating great content will ultimately drive whether or not we can earn Google’s Top 3 Organic ranking.  We will guide you, help you to create a winning strategy, and work with most budgets starting at $1,500.

We look forward to working with you.

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