May 3, 2016

SEO Packages & Pricing

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If you’re looking for SEO packages and services, partner with a company that has 19 years of helping mid-market and small business websites to acquire customers using SEO, SEM/paid search/PPC, and most recently, social media & content marketing.

SEO Services Pkg

20 Pgs

SEO Services Pkg

21-50 Pgs

Keyword research Keyword research
Benchmark SEO report Same
Up to 25 keywords Up to 50 keywords
Optimization of 10-20
content pages
Optimization of 21-50
content pages
$10,000 for SEO
& Google Analytics*
$12,500 for SEO
& Google Analytics*

*All SEO services are performed in the United States.  We will not offshore your SEO project to save on costs. Rates increased December 27, 2017  for all services not prepaid in full.

SEO Packages

We know what it takes to rank a website on the first page, for major brand websites as well as mid-market retailers and small business.

1) Keyword research, discovery & expansion
2) benchmark SEO report – start with 10 keywords for free
3) Subscribe to Bizwatch’s SEO report for 50 keywords or 300 keywords to get more data
4) keyword research for every category & content page
5) page titles, meta descriptions & relevant H1
6) relevant content
7) social media marketing,, Twitter & other forms of content marketing
8) on-going SEO (3-5 hours per month)
9) Google Analytics
10) Google Webmaster / Search Console
11) Prefer Yoast SEO Plug-in, synched with Google Webmaster/Search Console

We will decide on 2-3 keyword phrases per page, depending on the package you select above.

Factors that can affect your organic rankings:

  • Keyword competitiveness
  • how well you’re ranked (2nd or 3rd page)
  • how big your website is (page depth, number of pages)
  • how new your website is
  • additional form of branding and content marketing methods on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube will help your rankings get to the first page
  • website history – Are you aware of any blacklisting, or if your site has been hacked or in trouble with Google?
  • Bizwatch’s SEO reporting tool to monitor your rankings as they begin to improve.

We cannot guarantee first page rankings with organic rankings in Google & Bing, however, we will use industry-standard practices & help you to improve your visibility and customer acquisition.

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