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Request a Paid Search Audit from a Google Certified AdWords Partner

Paid Search Audit to Improve Conversions & Conversion Rates Pull last 13 months of AdWords data at the campaign, ad group & keyword level Determine greatest success/failures across all campaigns, ad groups & keywords Ensure data integrity (AdWords conversion tracking) by auditing entire lead process from AdWords search to form submission confirmations & code audit […]

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How to Increase PPC Conversion Rates (CVR) & Lower Cost Per Conversion (Cost/Conv)

Want to improve your Pay Per Click (PPC) Performance? In the past 10 years, our paid search audits have revealed common account management mistakes that prevent acceptable conversions, conversion rates, and cost per conversion (cost/conv). It’s easier to identify mistakes when you are on the outside, much like watching a pitcher in a softball game.  Sometimes the […]

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