Hire responsive (mobile-friendly) website vendor

Responsive Design for Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile users are bypassing desktop users You’ve likely read the above headline in recent weeks, noticed similar stats in Google Analytics pointing towards mobile users, and have begun to make some notes about a responsive design & mobile-friendly website update. Check your website to make sure it’s mobile friendly, to which you might learn it’s not […]

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Test to See if Google Thinks Your Site Is Responsive

Do You Have a Responsive Website or Mobile Friendly Site? Google Says It’s Mobile First

Test Your Website for Responsiveness Responsive or mobile-friendly websites & web pages can be viewed on a mobile device (iPhone, Android, smartphone or tablet) without having to zoom in or be manipulated in order to read.  They load faster, are easier to to scroll down to read, and engage, convert and retain users better than non-responsive websites. Mobile […]

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Creating WordPress Website Sliders – Cool Website Designs

WordPress websites are a little more fun with sliders – or image slides edging you closer to a cool website design.  See the following pages with a slider in the template: Bizresearch’s home page Acquire Customers | Google AdWords  In Wootheme’s responsive, mobile-friendly Canvas template, you’re able to create a website image slider.  We have 8 images […]

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