March 15, 2017

Digital Marketing Internship Irvine – Orange County, CA

Bizresearch offers an extensive digital marketing internship program, for undergraduate college university juniors and seniors at area universities.  These are un-paid internships that earn college credit in exchange for the number of hours worked and learning outcomes achieved.  Current and past interns have asked us to help create an internship program with their specific university. All internships comply with Dept of Labor Internship Guidelines. If you are not earning academic credit or transcript notations or are not currently enrolled in your university program, we cannot interview/hire you.

Digital Marketing Internship Learning Outcomes

  • How to conduct keyword research for the purposes of new customer acquisition
  • How to optimize a website using search engine optimization techniques (SEO)
  • How to monitor search engine ranking improvements using industry standard tools
  • How to determine if visibility, traffic and sales occurred as a result of new visibility
  • How to advertise using Google AdWords for the purposes of new customer acquisition
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor visibility, traffic and conversions
  • How to communicate with a client on required tasks
  • How to utilize Google Analytics to pull data for the purposes of proving conversions, conversion rates and whether or not mobile conversions are better or worse for a specific website
  • Powerpoint presentation preparation may be required
  • How to write Facebook posts, boosted posts, and advertisements
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Your Marketing Internship Coach/Mentor

  • Laura Thieme, proposed, developed and taught MKTG 754 at The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business in 2007-2008.  Over 45 students took part in the two-years of digital marketing and analytics programs, many of whom have gone onto digital marketing careers or entrepreneurial positions.  See quotes from former students below. This course was one of the reasons Thieme was nominated in 2009 by her industry peers as Top 100 Most Influential Marketers (Invesp). Thieme was also one of 95 women who influenced the SEO Industry.
  • Thieme has spoken at over 50 search marketing / digital marketing / analytics conferences since 2001 (see MarketingLand Speaker Bio).

Orange County CA Digital Marketing Internship Program Current Universities:

  1. Cal State University – Fullerton (Marketing 495)- apply through your college program & as well as let us know via our contact form, so we can look for your resume.  You can also call us to let us know to look for it.
  2. Cal State Chico – 1-3 academic credits/units (see testimonial below)
  3. Cal State Long Beach – 1 academic credit hour
  4. View Handshake to see if your school is listed

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Former Ohio State University Fisher College of Business Students (MKTG 754)

I couldn’t consider myself any luckier to have Laura as a mentor. Her patience and guidance has helped create an optimal level of growth, that continues to develop through her training. The skills I’ve learned through being her digital marketing intern at Bizresearch, are skills that have built confidence in my preparation for the real world. Being able to work directly with clients to help create successful running advertisements and campaigns, not only make me feel like a valuable member of her team, but give me tangible additions for my personal portfolio as well. A hugely motivating incentive available to me through the internship was the opportunity to earn Google Adwords certifications and even attend an official Google training in SF. Laura’s inspirational drive, professionalism, and pure passion epitomize what it means to be a mentor and role model. I am truly fortunate and thankful for the door opening experience. Kristin McCluskey, Cal State Chico (2018)

I strongly believe that Laura’s digital marketing class on Principle of Electronic Marketing (M&L754) is one of the most practical and beneficial classes I had taken during my undergraduate years at OSU. Laura developed an extensive curriculum covering all aspects of internet marketing from SEO, PPC, Email marketing, etc. Not only that, she also brought her professional experience to the class, and helped us applied all the principals into real life cases and projects. For example, I still remembered she instructed the class to open a particular website and analyze the website for SEO improvements. I feel that Laura achieved what most college professors failed to do: maintaining a good balance between theoretical knowledge and real-life application. Gerry Joeng, Digital & Social Specialist at YCAB

I was fortunate enough to be involved in the first online marketing class offered by Fisher, at the time a 700-series course dubbed “Principles of Electronic Marketing” taught by Laura. As marketing major with an interest in technology the new course offering immediately piqued my interest. After a week of learning the basics, I’d decided search marketing would be my chosen career path upon graduation.  Laura was immensely helpful building my foundational understanding of SEO and PPC, and was also great in connecting me with her contacts throughout the industry (several of whom spoke to our class). From the experience gained in the class I was able to land an SEO Strategist position with Rosetta, where I’ve been for the better part of 4+ years. The experience and expertise I gained from Laura through this course helped to jumpstart my career as an online marketing professional. Matthew Saunders, Digital of SEO at Resolution Media in NYC

Laura’s class on Internet Marketing was one of the most beneficial classes I took while at Fisher College of Business. She challenges students to think for themselves by giving them real life situations and asks them to come up with solutions. She did a great job of covering the many aspects of Internet Marketing throughout the 10 week period. For topics such as direct email marketing and customer relationship management she brought in professionals as guest lecturers to share their work experiences. I would strongly recommend. Mark Loeser, Logistics Analyst at Perfect Pallets

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