June 14, 2016

SEO Tools

SEO Audit

Looking for SEO Tools? Bizresearch first produced Bizwatch, an SEO tool, in 2001.  Bizwatch has released many versions since then and is now its own company, SMI Analytics dba Bizwatch (2010).  Get your free SEO audit report instantly, which will tell you the following:

  • If your website shows up in the top 40 search results for up to 10 keywords
  • If there are notable searches for that keyword or phrase in Google & Bing
  • Who your top competitors are for those keywords
  • You can skip the AdWords portion of the audit, save for later, or audit your Adwords campaign with the last two calendar months of data
  • The AdWords portion of the audit will tell you non-performing as well as top-performing keywords and look at whether any campaigns are in the red

SEO Tools – If you subscribe & upgrade to Bizwatch’s paid version

  • receive an automated bi-weekly SEO report on up to 300 keywords depending on your subscription level
  • monitor SEO trends
  • monitor your top organic ranked competitors
  • provide both a branded and white label SEO report for you to send to your internal or external clients
  • have the ability to receive AdWords PPC/SEM reports (Google) monthly trend reports

Example of SEO report in the Bizwatch SEO toolSEO Tools - Organic SEO ranking trend and improvement reportsSEO Tools - SEO compeititors