March 5, 2017

Pay Per Click PPC Management

  • We offer pay-per-click PPC management, or paid search advertising services for Google, Bing and Amazon Seller Central (Amazon Marketing Services)
  • We can create new PPC campaigns, text and display ads, keywords and organize the account based on your current or future website organization.
  • We can also manage or re-organize your existing PPC account, for optimum performance.
  • We charge based on the number of campaigns, keywords, ads, and types of ad campaigns (shopping, text, display, YouTube video)
  • Most paid search advertising campaigns require at least 20 hours per month, per account
  • Our desired PPC management key performance indicators are:
    • 1,000 impressions for each keyword phrase on a daily basis
    • A minimum 2% click-thru rate or CTR
    • Conversion tracking in place – with a 2% conversion rate or CVR (lead form, ecommerce transaction or phone call)
    • Average paid search position of 2 or better
    • Sufficient monthly and daily paid search advertising budget to ensure you can achieve paid search position of 2 or better, at least nine hours per weekday
    • Desired quality score of 6 – 10.

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