SEO Optimization Process

What is the SEO Optimization Process? For 19 years, I’ve optimized websites to show up in the search engines.  Website optimization can be time-consuming but it does work if done correctly.  There are always anomalies but in general, SEO works if you follow all or most of the tactics below.  SEO is a long-term investment, and rarely shows overnight success unless something is viral.  But given time and strategy, it will produce rankings.  Your goal is to be organically ranked in the top 5 search results to see measurable traffic.


SEO Optimization 2

SEO Optimization & Metatag Basics

SEO Optimization Checklist #3 SEO OPTIMIZATION Checklist - Metatag Basics


Once you start the optimization process and follow the SEO checklists above, you can begin to see results like these below.  You have to keep at it, and if you’re monitoring rankings every two weeks using Bizwatch, you can continue to optimize the pages that are ranked.  It takes time, and yes, it can be tedious, but if you want top 5 organic rankings, you have to stay at it.  For really competitive keywords, you will have to do much more than on-site page SEO optimization.

SEO Optimization


by Laura Thieme, President, Bizresearch