March 1, 2017

Small Business Website & Facebook Business Page

Small Business Website & Facebook Business Page - Get Mobile & Improve Conversion Rates

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Need a small business website that is responsive & mobile-friendly? Most Google Analytics reports illustrate enormous growth in mobile (cell phone) over desktop/laptop users in the past 18 months.  Mobile conversion rates are extremely low compared with desktop and tablet in Google Analytics.  Improve your online web presence & mobile conversion rates.

Small Business Website Package (65 hours):

  1. Responsive, mobile friendly website (up to 49 pages & 60 hours of work)
  2. WordPress platform
  3. WooCommerce’s Canvas responsive, mobile-friendly themes (recommend Canvas)
  4. Customizable, easy to modify drop-down navigation for desktop/laptop users
  5. Mobile, responsive side nav (look at on your mobile/cell device & see navigation)
  6. Copy your existing website content into new responsive theme & WordPress platform
  7. Facebook business page creation or update (2 hours)
  8. Teach you how to manage your WordPress website (2 hours) – online consult
  9. You can add, edit and delete pages, posts & images once you’ve received training.

SEO Special Offer (20 Hours):

  • SEO (up to 20 hours of work) – this will be included in your new website small business package IF you order by March 7th, prepaying and saving up to $5,000.  If you order AFTER March 7th, we will be offering a 25% discount on the regular flat rate packages starting at $5,000.

View Two Small Business Websites:

  1. See example of one of our recent projects for Henthorne Landscape, a small business located in Ohio (budget excluded additional design* elements)
  2. See example of project that included client’s graphic designer & Joomla PHP programmer (budget allowed for additional graphic design*, contracted directly with vendor and client)* Does not include out-of-pocket expenses for graphic designer, web hosting fees, domain name registration, Google Ads, Facebook ads or boosted post fees, or any stock images of your choice.  All of these fees are charged directly to your credit card on file with each of these vendors.

Timeline for New Website

  • It usually takes us two weeks for most websites under 49 pages, unless graphic designs are requested and we are working with a third party.  Most responsive themes work well with client photography, so that graphic design will be a minor additional expense.  Some websites will not need extra graphic design.

Payment Options:

  1. Use the prepay & save option above – special offer includes SEO for free if you prepay & save through March 5th.
  2. You can also set up a monthly payment option/contract for one year to split the total cost into an affordable monthly option. Please see Bizwatch & set up a free account and SEO report for 10 keywords.  Choose the payment option of $899/month.

What’s Next? Small Business Website Advertising Package (20 hours)

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  1. Google AdWords ad campaign creation* (5 hours)
  2. Google Analytics & conversion tracking (2 hours)
  3. Google AdWords conversion tracking (2 hours)
  4. Google AdWords call tracking (1 hour)
  5. Google Tag Manager (if desired) for Facebook Pixel tracking (2 hours)
  6. Teach you how to analyze and or manage your Google Ad campaign (2 hours)
  7. First week of management is included to ensure all campaigns are beginning to collect new data (7 hours)
  8. Monthly campaign management after 7 days is available for a separate fee, through Bizwatch