March 16, 2017

WordPress Developer in Orange County, CA

We are located in Irvine.  All of our developers & designers are U.S. based, and individuals we’ve worked with during the past 20 years of web development.

Responsive Website Project with Graphic DesignSCCHomePageNewDesign

The above website had four people on its design team, all located in Orange County, CA and Colorado. A graphic designer, who is extremely talented, a web developer with great knowledge of the business, and the business owner who helped to pull the storyboard together.  We simply pulled it together with three of our resources, and ensured the website launched on time.

Responsive WordPress Website Project Without Graphic Design

Wordpress Website Design
The above WordPress website had a small budget, but needed a responsive WordPress website update along with a Facebook business page. A fancy graphic design wasn’t necessary but a focus on SEO and Facebook marketing was more important.  Within two weeks, the site started to show up in Google’s organic rankings and new leads came in.

Orange County, CA WordPress Developer Hourly Rates:

  • Project manager: $125/hour
  • PHP Programmer/Advanced WordPress Requirements:  $125/hour
  • WordPress SEO: $125/hour
  • WordPress content: $75/hour
  • Flat rates are available – learn more here